Men in Black (1997)

1997-07-02 NA HD

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Men in Black

Men in Black Pelicula Completa Online Latino HD After a police chase with an otherworldly being, a New York City cop is recruited as an agent in a top-secret organization established to monitor and police alien activity on Earth: the Men in Black. Agent Kay and new recruit Agent Jay find themselves in the middle of a deadly plot by an intergalactic terrorist who has arrived on Earth to assassinate two ambassadors from opposing galaxies.

Men in Black Cast

Men in Black
Tommy Lee Jones
Agent K
Men in Black
Will Smith
James Edwards / Agent J
Men in Black
Linda Fiorentino
Dr. Laurel Weaver / Agent L
Men in Black
Vincent D’Onofrio
Edgar / The Bug
Men in Black
Rip Torn
Chief Zed
Men in Black
Tony Shalhoub
Jack Jeebs

título:Men in Black
Título original:Men in Black
Fecha de lanzamiento: 1997-07-02
País:United States of America
Idioma: English
Wiki: in Black
Runtime: 98 min.
 Tag Keyword:secret identityundercoverspace marineillegal immigrationdeportationnew identitygiant cockroachcannonflying saucerstay permitalienfictional government agency
 Títulos alternativos:
  • Gvarim B’Shahor
  • MIB
  • Adamianebi shavebshi
  • Men in Black 1
  • Люди в черном
  • Men in black – Miehet mustissa
  • Man in Blасk I
  • MIB: Men in Black (Hombres de negro)
  • Men in Black (Hombres de negro)
  • Men In Black 01 Men In Black

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